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We Plan the Future
By Strengthening the Present


ETC Engineering srl. is a vibrant and consolidated engineering and design firm with headquarters in Trento, Italy.

More than ten years ago, three friends decided to form a partnership that would offer engineering services for the built environment – so HSG Engineering was born in early 2004.

 In 2008, faculty members of the University of Trento joined forces with HSG to establish an Environmental Technologies Centre offering sustainable solutions in wastewater treatment. Thus ETC Engineering was founded as a Limited Company. And HSG and ETC became sister companies.

In a dynamic and growing relationship, ETC has become the specialized environmental firm; HSG, while continuing its pursuit of services for the built environment, represents an important support to ETC as provider of civil engineering services, such as topographic surveys and structural design.

Given our history, growth, development and cooperation remain defining traits of ETC, And so we look to the future with optimism. By balancing the best available technologies with the Client’s best interests, ETC is able to provide high quality services and customer satisfaction. Together we can make a more sustainable future.

Our values

Environment – Founded by Environmental Engineers, ETC Engineering has always worked for the Environment. We do not want our designs and interventions to be only of low environmental impact, we want them to actively improve the environment for the benefit f everyone.

Sustainability – We are pragmatic, and we know that a beautiful solution that is not sustainable on all levels, environmentally, socially and economically, is not a good solution. They say that people make the difference; well, we want to make the difference for people, by providing environmental solutions that they can manage on the long term.

Health & Safety – Health and safety is ingrained in sanitary engineering. We care about the safety of our staff, but also about all those who may work in facilities designed by us, through appropriate designs and advice.

Teamwork & Collaboration – Our Company is founded on the teamwork of very capable and diverse individuals, we have learned how to listen, to dialogue and to work together. This approach brings to successful collaborations with external partners and Clients based on mutual benefit and respect.

Quality – It is through the quality of our work that we showcase all our values.