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 What is OSCAR®?

OSCAR is a wastewater treatment process controller that provides
Optimal Solutions for Cost Abatement in nutrients Removal.

 What can OSCAR® do?

OSCAR can increase the efficiency and flexibility of your plant to deal with the changing quality of influent – this means a reduction of up to 95% in nitrogen in the plant effluent.

OSCAR can reduce the energy consumption of your biological treatment by up to 60% - this means a huge economic benefit and a huge reduction in carbon emissions.

OSCAR can reduce consumption of chemicals for phosphorus removal of your plant by up to 70% - this means a reduced operational costs.

OSCAR can reduce the volume of sludge your plant produces by 20% - this means a reduced environmental impact in terms of sludge management.

OSCAR monitors effluent quality continuously during operations – this means that you are always in control of the effluent quality and can guarantee a better quality of service of your plant.

Where can OSCAR® be implemented?

OSCAR can be implemented in existing WWTPs, without modifications to the plant or the process systems, with a moderate improvement in plant flexibility and efficiency, and energy savings too.

OSCAR can be implemented in WWTPs undergoing expansion or revamping projects. In this case, the improvement work designs take account of the OSCAR controller so to better benefit of its capabilities.

OSCAR can be implemented directly in the design phase of new WWTPs, leading to a flexible plant that can more easily adapt to varying loads in the influent.

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