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Via dei Palustei 16, Meano - 38121 - TRENTO

Preliminary and Detailed Design of a new plant for ground water potabilization.

Approx. value of the construction cost (in current US$): US$ 2.242.449.90

Approx. value of the contract (in current US$): US$ 32.403,45

Country: Italy.

Location within country: Fano, Province of Pesaro Urbino, Marche Region.

Name of Client:  ASET S.p.A.
Start date (month/year): September 2021

Completion date (month/year): December 2021

Name of associated Consultants, if any:

HMR Ambiente S.r.l.


Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

KEYWORDS: concept; detailed design; potabilization; drinking water plant; revamping; filtration; reverse osmosis 

The activities carried out are:

  • upgrading of the plant aimed at meeting future treatment needs, with polluting and hydraulic loads of the project determined starting from the analysis of the state of affairs, in compliance with the prescriptions provided for by the regulations and planning tools in force in terms of quality requirements at the unloading;
  • check if the wastewater treatment plant, where osmosis concentrate will be discharged, can withstand this additional load;
  • use of the best available technologies (Best Available Technologies, BAT) in the field of sanitary-environmental engineering for the treatment of sewage and special non-hazardous waste pertaining to the plant;
  • guarantee of the static and seismic safety of the works;
  • functionality of the structures towards their intended use. The spaces have been designed to accommodate the plants and machines of the project, to allow their correct installation, the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of machines and structures;
  • introduction of technical solutions aimed at minimizing maintenance and the possibility of suspending treatment and placing the system in reserve by restarting it as needed;
  • choice of machines characterized by high efficiency, reduced energy consumption and low noise;

electrical works designed using standardized solutions of high quality level while favouring factors such as safety and ease of maintenance and management, providing for a high degree of control of the system through appropriate automation and remote control systems with centralized data management.

Description of Project:

 ETC Engineering S.r.l. and HMR Ambiente, received from ASET S.p.A. the task of drawing up the technical and economic feasibility project, the detailed and executive project for the construction works of a new drinking water treatment plant and related accessory works for the municipality of Fano (PU), after having won the tender for the assignment.

The realization of the water potabilization system will be aimed at making possible the exploitation in dry conditions of a third supply source, in addition to those already exploited, represented by a natural aquifer characterized by concentrations of NO3 widely exceeding the legal limit.

The osmosis system must be powered with an input flow rate of 153 l/s. The project includes:

  • Storage tanks: initial storage for raw water and final storage for the reconditioning of the permeate. The tanks will be provided by: ✓analytical instruments for the monitoring of nitrates, pH and free chlorine; ✓disinfection unit in order to avoid the proliferation of biomass.
  • Self-cleaning pumps and filters
  • Filtration by reverse osmosis composed by: microfiltration section, to be provided upstream of the osmosis and downstream of the self-cleaning filters; ✓two filtration stages; ✓online dosage of an antiscalant and metabisulphite solutions upstream of the microfiltration; ✓Cleaning of reverse osmosis membranes system

Connecting pipe from potabilization plant to wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to collect concentrate from osmosis treatment to WWTP. This pipe has been studied to minimize interferences and includes a horizontal drilling (TOC).

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