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Via dei Palustei 16, Meano - 38121 - TRENTO

Upgrading of the Wastewater Treatment Plant serving the industrial area of Punta Penna and the municipality of Vasto.

Approx. value of the construction cost (in current US$):

US$ 3.495.345,30

Approx. value of the contract (in current US$):

US$ 68.337,88

Country: Italy.

Location within country: Punta Penna, Vasto Province of Chieti, Abruzzo Region.

Name of Client:

ARAP Servizi.

Start date (month/year): June 2019

Completion date (month/year): November 2019

Name of associated Consultants, if any: None


Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Executive design in integrated contract; 
  • Introduction of improved technical solutions compared to the final project 
  • adoption of technological solutions for the water line similar to those already used at the other treatment plants in the area and which guarantee the receipt of peak flows even double the average flow rate in dry weather, 
  • introduction of technical solutions aimed at minimizing the energy consumption of the plant and reducing the production of waste 
  • adoption of measures for the management of emergency situations and anomalous flows; 
  • provision of accumulations for the rates of purified water that cannot be conveyed to the final delivery;
  • complete confinement and deodorization of the gaseous effluents of the new works and compatibility of the latter with the local landscape.

Description of Project:

The plant initially had a potential of 30,000 PE, however, for the increase in the residential settlements of Punta Penna and the collection of sewage from new areas of the town of Vasto, the necessary potential was 60,000 PE. With this aim, the project has as its main objectives: The expansion of the existing plant to achieve treatment efficiency suitable for guaranteeing a discharge in line with the parameters set by Legislative Decree 152/06; adaptation of the plant in relation to the increased need for treatment, which occurred following the new settlements and the new contributions of urban sewage from the built-up area of the city of Vasto; achievement of the basic elements for the possible future implementation of the Epicresis, i.e. the recovery and reuse of treated wastewater, for industrial and/or agricultural purposes for irrigation.
  • Adjustment of the coarse grilling section with the installation of two new automatic 20 mm grilles;
  • Upgrading of the initial lifting station and the fine screening section, with the installation of three new automatic continuous belt screens;
  • construction of a new flotation and sand removal section, complete with separate sand classifier/washer and a new by-pass channel for the primary sedimentation section with lamellar packs;
  • upgrading of the biological treatment section with creation of a second activated sludge line;
  • construction of a new longitudinal secondary settler;
  • construction of a well for the recirculation of activated sludge and for the extraction of excess sludge;
  • functional recovery interventions of the anaerobic digester and auxiliary units;
  • construction of a new biogas accumulation section;
  • conversion of the current containment tank of the gasometric bell into a static post-thickener;
  • adjustment of the mechanical sludge dewatering section;
  • roofing of the pre-thickening basins and the post-thickening basin with aluminum tiles;
  • Installation of an exhaust air extraction system from the sludge treatment section and installation of a pumice stone biofilter for the elimination of odorous compounds;
  • Separation of the rainwater collection network;
  • Adjustment and upgrading of the F.M. distribution system and of the existing electrical transformation substation.

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