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Provision of a Wastewater Treatment Plant capable of treating wastewater to achieve the standards set in the MESP Administrative Instruction and AJEPP – 02

Approx. value of the contract (in current US$):

US$ 762.965,85

Country: Kosovo.

Location within country: Pristina.

Name of Client:

NSPA – Ambiente S.p.A.

Start date (month/year): November 2018

Completion date (month/year): March 2019

Name of associated Consultants, if any: None


Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:


Detailed design; Upgrading of a WWTP; wastewater plant; revamping; Control measures; Connection of a new sewage system, flooding prevention, treated wastewater levels, discharge limits.

Description of Project:

WWTP Pristina (Kosovo) – 2.500 P.E. – Modify Sewage Control Measures.


The need to construct a new WWTP and to connect it with the sewage line (OBILIC Line) running to the North of the camp comes from the absence of a WWTP inside CFC and from flooding events that had occurred. CFC is currently the only KFOR Camp that does not treat wastewater prior to discharging it to Sewage Network (Pristina Sewage Network) which then discharge untreated sewage directly into the SITNICA River.

The aim of this project was:

  1. Address the capability shortfall to ensure that CFC meets it obligations with respect to the MESP Administrative Instruction 30/2014 and AJEPP-02, while avoiding repeating flooding in civilian neighbourhood and reducing annual O&M costs;
  2. Provision of a WWTP capable of treating wastewater to achieve the standards set in MESP Administrative Instruction and AJEPP-02;
  3. Provision of a testing system to verify that wastewater discharged from CFC meets the MMR;
  4. Provision of a new connection to an appropriately sized sewer main on the PSN for all treated wastewater into the PSN;
  5. The area of the construction of the WWTP is almost clear and sewer lines of the CFC will be directed to this area. The plant will plug in the sewer line of the camp and connect the outlet to the main city line pipe. With the support of Pristina Water Company, it was possible to identify sewage lay-out (in terms of altitude) and to know the diameter (315 mm).

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